Third Party Reviews

Adilene T. | August 12, 2018 |

"If I could give 0 stars I would. First of all the "hair stylist" didn't even make me feel welcome it was my first time there and my last. They are not helpful at all. I had to ask if I had to sign in. The lady in the front chair to the right kept giving me dirty looks. Cause she was probably bothered by my kids which is stupid cause I'm sure her old ass has kids and grandchildren. So the lady that did my son hair looks like she was about to pop. She was pregnant. I told her to do a Side comb-over with a fade and bring it down the top a little bit. She did nothing right. She has NO patience she did it so fast. Men's haircuts are very detailed and she didnt take her time to detail it. I will never go back to this place everrrrrr!! His first day back to school is tomorrow now I have to send my son looking like this SMH"

Timothy P. | July 31, 2018 |

"Tried this place out today since my usual place only takes appointments now and they didn't have any available times. I got a four on top with a high fade and zero on the sides and once I got home and got out of the shower, I saw that there were patches on the top that were cut unevenly and the side as well as the back was cut unevenly as well. I did do a quick check after the cut was done but didn't really look too closely at it since I didn't think a cut that was as simple as mine could be messed up to this extent. I tried taking their survey to express my displeasure but the system can't seem to comprehend its own format for the store number so I'm expressing it here. Will never come here again or go to any Sport Clips since they butcher a simple hair cut. UPDATE: They can't do side burns correctly either"

Janelle L. | July 08, 2018 |

"My boyfriend got his hair cut here, and it's the worst haircut he's ever gotten. Asked the lady for 4 on the sides and 7 on the top, and she used 4 on his entire head. It looks completely ridiculous, like a middle school boy. It's not even even on the top or in the back. Very jagged and not smooth AT ALL. I can't believe he even gave her a tip. Don't take the risk here."

Binh Nguyen | July 07, 2018 |

"Thank you Angela. Very satisfied with my haircut , very friendly, so relaxing."

Dave Snow | June 04, 2018 |

"Friendly staff good cuts"

Tracy Judy | May 26, 2018 |

"Always fast with great customer service."

Robert W. | May 13, 2018 |

"Been coming here for at least 8 yrs now and Jeanie is one of the best, friendly and knows what shes doing..."

Oscar S. | March 18, 2018 |

"Don't waste your time. Logged in waited my turn for some reason my time frame keep increasing while they help other clients. I asked for an explanation but they lady wasn't able to. Supercuts across the street are more welcoming."

James P. | October 22, 2008 |

"Let's get this straight. I can get my haircut while watching the game? I ended up coming here because my previous hair stylist was closed for a month, and every barber shop I went to was closed. I went to one that was open, and the guy was a WWII vet who couldn't see. He cut my hair about 1 millimeter and gave me a stick of gum for 7 bucks. He combed my hair so I looked like some psychotic Bob's Big Boy or Ricky Ricardo. F that! I wanna look cool! I'm tired of getting whacked with some straight edge razor that's been sitting in bromide for a decade by a guy who smells like aqua velva. I came here after calling to see if it was open and the person on the line sounded, well, friendly and upbeat. Like I was an important customer or something. Strange, so I checked it out. Walking into the place, I knew I had possibly found a new neighborhood hair place. It looks like you just stepped into a men's team locker room, and the stylists are wearing ref jerseys. The walls are plastered with sports memorabilia (cards, baseballs, jerseys, pics) all for sale too. They categorize hair cuts in packages like the MVP, the varsity, junior varsity. Kinda cool. They gave me the MVP for my first time visit which included the cut, a hot face towel, and back massage. Oh yeah. Televisions are right at eye level playing sports and they'll turn the chair so your facing it. It almost made me cry. They record your hair style preferences, like if you have your sides cut at a two and rounded in the back, so there's no guess work next time you come in. The stylists are modern, competent, and chatty. 15 bucks for a good haircut and no wait. I actually look forward to getting my haircut, no kidding! I'm a dead man if they start wheeling in kegs."

Mike S. | December 31, 2009 |

"My husband went here based on what he's read about the place. He came back with a haircut that was no better than Fantastic Sams. From what he said, it was exactly like Fantastic Sams except a bunch of sports stuff on the walls. The thing that seemed to bother him the most though was all the personal information they ask for. They want: Your full name, part of your phone number, and zip code. For a haircut? Please..."